American Spa November 2013 : Page 94

LINE STOP with PEP-SYN Complex Ideal for all skin types. With a powerful blend of Argireline and Ginko Biloba, this product is designed to lessen the depth of expression lines (i.e. laugh lines, the #11, and crows feet) by affecting neuro-transmitters in the skin. It mimics botox by slowing the reaction time of the facial muscles, thus decreasing the depth of the lines by up to 30%. ANTI-AGING EYE TREATMENT Ideal for all skin types. Targeting those fne lines around your eyes, this product delivers the powerful anti-oxidants found in Green Tea along with the age-reversing properties of Dermaxyl to lessen their appearance. FOLLOW US ON FOR CONTEST, NEWS & EDUCATION TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH NOTHING LESS FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT YOUR SALES REP, LOCAL DISTRIBUTOR OR CALL US AT 800-927-6763 VISIT US AT : WWW.REFINEESKINCARE.COM ALL REFINEƉ PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN USA


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