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[ menu ] THERAPEUTIC INTERLUDE Located in one of the great winemaking regions of South Africa’s Western Cape, The Spa at Steenberg (Cape Town) recently relaunched its distinctive treatment, The Ginkgo Ataraxia Massage ($72, 90 minutes). This gentle, rhythmic massage is set to music that was speci cally composed to enhance feelings of warmth, relaxation, and nurturing, featuring tones and beats not typically heard in a spa. Using a custom oil-based balm infused with essential oils, the therapist begins working in long, owing movements up one side of the body and down the other, from foot to head. Next, with calming but rm strokes that dovetail to synchronize and balance the body, the therapist rocks the client in time with the music, using just enough pressure to release tension along the shoulders and cervical spine. The massage winds down as the client is nurtured and rebalanced, cocooned in a sheet and gently rocked. “Ginkgo CEO Peter Krug and I worked with sound engineers to create something as unique as the massage itself,” says spa manager Tracy Williams. “You need to experience the treatment to really appreciate the magic that the therapist creates with her hands —almost a ‘dance’ in tune with the music.” —M.S. music to the ears Guests can surrender to the sweet sound of relaxation with the Himalayan Sound Bath ($95, 45 minutes) at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa (Tucson). Led by master healer Pam Lancaster, the groundbreaking sound therapy session helps tune the body to its natural state, as the sound from ancient healing bowls radiates through the water. Guests oat e ortlessly in the spa’s therapeutic pool and submit to the healing vibrations, which leave them feeling more grounded and connected to the world around them. “ e Himalayan Sound Bath session is unique in that it focuses on simultaneously balancing individuals emotionally, mentally, and physically, relying on the sound and vibration of the bowls through water,” says Lancaster. “It a ects people on multiple levels, which is a wonderful way to experience the integration of body, mind, and spirit.” —H.M. Master healer Pam Lancaster uses ancient healing sound bowls to help balance guests’ minds, bodies, and souls. 82 AMERICAN SPA • WWW.AMERICANSPA.COM • APRIL 2014

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